Milwaukee eService & Warranty

Congratulations on your Milwaukee purchase! Did you know Milwaukee Tools offers a warranty (5, 3, or 1 year) for every power tool and battery against manufacturing defects? There is no registration needed to submit a warranty claim. The warranty is based upon the manufacture date (printed on tool and embedded in the serial number) or date of purchase. Bring your tool in question to our store and we are happy to send it in for you!

You can also submit the tool yourself if you prefer!

eService Is Your 24/7 Solution for Quick, Convenient Repairs

  • Repairs completed in 7-10 days (warranty and non-warranty)
  • Best for individual or smaller tool quantities
  • Free FedEx shipping to Milwaukee Tool repair facility
  • Package your Milwaukee Tool and drop off at one of over 8,000 authorized FedEx ship centers nationwide
  • Milwaukee Factory Trained Technicians will repair your tool with genuine Milwaukee parts
  • Your tool is returned directly to you – no need to pick it up